After giving a visual assessment of your home or business, the Affordable Remediation team will further determine how much mold has grown in the contaminated area by testing the air.

Often, mold spores grow in places that can’t be seen—behind walls, under floorboards, and in hard to reach areas, like in an attic or basement. We’ll leave no stone unturned in determining the extent of your mold problem.

When Is Testing For Mold Advised?

If you suspect you have mold, but can’t see it, notice a musty smell, have unexplained health issues such as respiratory or skin issues, or if you’ve had flooding or a leak in your home or business, call the pros at Affordable Remediation for a proper diagnosis of your mold problem. Our operators are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions and dispatch a mold remediation team to arrest your mold problem quickly and efficiently.

How Is Air Testing Performed?

Before mold is removed from your home, the Affordable Remediation team will bring in specialized equipment designed to measure the levels of mold in the affected area. Typically, one test is taken indoors and another outdoors, for comparison purposes. Multiple samples can be gathered if a stronger conclusion is needed. After mold remediation is performed, a second air test will take place to validate the elimination of the mold threat.

What Will The Air Quality Test Reveal?

Air quality testing is just one piece of the puzzle to determine the size of your mold problem and how it should be approached. In combination with a visual examination and surface testing, air testing will reveal the spore concentration, types of mold, and the health effects that can be caused based on what specifically is found. Armed with this knowledge, the Affordable Remediation professionals will create a detailed, cost-effective plan to remove mold from your home quickly and safely.