2604, 2022

Mold vs Yeast Differences

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Mold and yeast are both members of the fungi family. Though their life cycles and how they interact with humans can be vastly different. Fungi exist everywhere in nature and can sometimes be in high concentrations in our homes. What Is Yeast? Yeast is a common type of fungus found in nature. It can even be cultured for industrial purposes. Yeast’s taxonomic name is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. It has unicellular properties that give it an almost oval shape when viewed through a microscope. It’s also worth noting that yeast requires an organic host to provide the nutrition it needs to thrive and reproduce. The Benefits of Yeast Different types of yeast have been used by human beings [...]

2304, 2022

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Mold In Garage Tips

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The humble garage can serve a lot of purposes beyond simply being a convenient place to park your car. It can also double as a workshop, man cave, and bulk storage space. Though the garage, with its typically poor HVAC system and questionable ventilation, can also become home to a serious mold problem. Especially if your home or garage has recently suffered water damage from a roof leak, gutter problem, or severe storm. How Does Mold Grow in a Garage? Mold spores naturally live in the air. When a wide garage door is opened the air that floods in can bring spores inside. If there is moisture and warmth available, these spores can land on porous [...]

2204, 2022

Blastomyces Dermatitidis. What Is It & How Do You Get It?

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A lot of people hear the word “Mold” and their mind instantly conjures up images of green spots growing on old bread or white fuzzy things that tell you it’s high time to clean the fridge. Though in recent years, there’s been a growing awareness of the severe health risk posed by mold and high-density airborne mold spores. Not only can mold spores in your home make people and pets sick, but they can also lead to a wide range of health conditions. One of the more common, and potentially severe, is a condition known as Blastomyces dermatitidis. What Is Blastomyces Dermatitidis Blastomyces dermatitidis is related to a dimorphic type of mold that is more likely [...]

1402, 2022

What Are Hyphal Fragments?

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As a type of fungus, mold has a complex structure and biology. Many of the mold strains found in nature have some type of filamentous branching, or a thread-like structure known as hypha or hyphae in the plural. When you look at them closely, you will see these filaments are actually growing from fungal spores. This makes up a much greater aggregate form known as mycelium. In certain environments, such as forest soil these mycelium networks can be astonishingly expansive. Though by the individual nature of their structure, hyphae are frequently fragmented into smaller pieces, which are often referred to as hyphal or fungal fragments. Many of which can become airborne when disturbed. These airborne hyphal [...]

1402, 2022

What Is Mucormycosis?

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Awareness about the threat posed by indoor mold and how it can impact our health continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It is well-known that mold spores and airborne mycotoxins can certainly cause respiratory distress, allergic reactions, headaches and promote inflammation conditions. Though these aren’t the only ways that mold and other members of the fungi family can affect your health. One of the more insidious health concerns posed by indoor mold is a disease known as Mucormycosis. Mucormycosis is a relatively rare infection caused by members of the fungi family in the order of Mucorales. Most of the time, a healthy human immune system is completely capable of defeating the strains of mold that [...]

1302, 2022

Mold On Popcorn Ceilings

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Popcorn ceilings started being used to enhance ceiling texture during the 1930s and continued to be popular throughout the 1990s. They get their name from the way the sprayed texture dries to look a little bit like the surface texture and color of popcorn. Popcorn ceilings are made from a special mixture that contains elements such as paper and Styrofoam can be applied in different ways. Most of the time it is a mixture of water and stucco material that is applied to a prepared ceiling surface via a spray gun. Though some do-it-yourselfers have also been known to use a sponge or a roller to apply the texture mixture. Popcorn Ceilings Can Be Vulnerable To [...]

1302, 2022

Dry Rot Causes, Treatment & Prevention

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Wood is a complex material with chemistry and components that can change over time. From the moment a tree is felled the composition of the wood or eventual lumber created from it continues to go through slow changes. This includes things like changes in moisture content, lignin chemistry, and other subtle permutations that occur gradually. When it is processed into lumber for home building, it goes through even more changes. This might include things like rapid kiln drying, or chemical treating. The goal being to make the lumber as resilient as possible throughout the passage of time. Once that wood is used as building materials in your home it is as sturdy as it is ever [...]

1401, 2022

Detecting Water Damage With Thermal Infrared Cameras

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There’s no doubt about it, water is pervasive! Even a seemingly small volume of water from a pipe, gutter problem, or roof leak can become a major problem. Even high humidity and condensation can cause enough water to pool up to affect surfaces in your home or office that are seldom seen or otherwise hard to detect. Not to mention buildings that experience flooding caused by natural disasters can hide water and deeply saturated materials long after all the surfaces appear to be dried. Of course, the problem with any wet surface is that it can become a prime breeding ground that makes it easy for airborne mold spores to germinate into a large active colony. [...]

1301, 2022

Does Activated Charcoal Kill Mold?

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While it might not seem like that big of a threat on the surface, mold can be an insidious substance that causes damage to buildings and puts people at increased risk for illness and chronic health conditions. It can also be surprisingly difficult to eliminate once an active mold colony manages to establish a presence in your home or place of business. Mold can also establish a hidden presence in some of the most unlikely of places, including areas such as behind wallpaper, under the sink, deep inside a crawlspace, behind drywall, or even under a carpet. Just to name a few. Of course, mold can also grow in noticeably overt places such as in a [...]

1201, 2022

Are Water Stains A Sign Of Mold Problems?

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Leaking pipes, cracks in your foundation, gutter problems, and roof leaks are just some of the common ways that water can find its way into your home or office building. Of course, water is the universal solvent also has a knack for bringing other particles and contaminants with it to affect just about any porous surface. In a case of flooding, water stains, saturated walls, and flooring can be a severe issues throughout the building. With growing awareness about the dangers of water damage and how it can promote indoor mold problems, it has a lot of people with water stains in their homes or places of business are worried. If you are wondering if water [...]

1101, 2022

Crawl Space Mold Signs You Should Know

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By their very nature crawl spaces tend to be cramped and with limited access. They tend to only exist in basements, subfloors, and other hard-to-reach places. A crawlspace is the sort of functional space that is very easy to ignore, right up until it the moment when you need to actually use it. Crawlspaces also tend to have limited ventilation, and some have soil floors, which often contributes to the buildup of high humidity and warmth, which is a prime breeding ground for mold colonies. Since it rarely gets seen, this also means that a mold problem in your home or office’s crawlspace can grow severe before it ever gets noticed. What Causes Mold In Crawl [...]

1508, 2021

What Are The Types of Water Damage Categories?

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Water damage can be caused by a variety of things. This includes roof leaks, pipe leaks, pipe ruptures, gutter failures, sewer backups, and flooding caused by severe weather storm damage, just to name a few. The severity of the water damage will strongly influence the type of water extraction techniques needed to dry the site. It will also factor heavily in the type of material extraction, repair, and mold remediation methods that need to be implemented before the site can be deemed safe for human occupancy. The severity of the water damage and the restoration services performed might also play a factor with the insurance provider. Some home and property insurance policies require specific measures based [...]

1008, 2021

Does Mold Die When It Dries Out?

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Awareness posed by the threat of an indoor mold infestation continues to grow. Not only can mold damage materials throughout your home or commercial property, but it can also cause a wide range of medical complications. People with respiratory allergies and chronic medical conditions frequently have a reaction to mold spores and mycotoxins in the air. Though even perfectly healthy individuals can also start sneezing, coughing, or develop a rash when frequently in the presence of mold-affected areas. This is even more likely to be an issue if dangerous strains such as “Toxic Black Mold” are present. Signs Of A Mold Problem Discolored splotches on walls & woodwork Musty odors in one or more rooms Recent [...]

808, 2021

Sump Pump Failure Cleanup & Mold Prevention

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In a perfect world, a sump pump is a backstop that prevents minor to moderate flooding from becoming a serious problem. Usually installed in a sump in the basement or lowest part of a home or commercial building, the sump pump has a special float activation switch. When water raises it up, the internal pump activates with vigor to pump the water out and away from the building. If actions are not taken quickly, you open yourself to a much larger mold remediation issue that can be quite costly, and inconvenient. Taking preventative measures is paramount during this time. The Potential For Sump Pump Failure It’s important to understand that sump pumps are only effective to [...]

201, 2021

Do Tiny Phorid Flies & Drain Bugs Indicate Mold?

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Awareness of the growing threat posed by mold infestation in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces continues to spread. Beyond the health and respiratory problems caused by so-called “Toxic Black Mold” even more benign strains living in the air can cause a wide range of medical complications. This is especially true for individuals with respiratory allergies, chronic respiratory conditions, and those who are genetically predisposed to chronic inflammation. Sometimes an indoor mold problem is obvious. You might see black, gray, or other discolored patches in wet, humid parts of your home, or perhaps an unpleasant earthy odor in a basement crawl space. Though there are certainly other times when a mold problem can be hard to [...]

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