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1908, 2017

Sick Teacher In NJ Awarded $1.8 Million Due To Mold Exposure

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A Millburn, New Jersey music teacher, Mary Jean Alsina, was awarded nearly $2 million for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages after a judge ruled that classroom mold was responsible for her asthma and other chronic lung problems. Essex County Superior Court Judge Christine Farrington handed down the $1.8 million dollar verdict in the tenured teacher’s favor in April 2016. Alsina filed suit against the school district three years earlier, after she said she believed she had been exposed to mold while working in a particular room in the middle school. While teaching in this room, she had complained about a musty smell and damp air, water dripping from the ceiling, and stains and seepage [...]

1208, 2017

How Much Does Water Damage Repair Cost?

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Repairing water damage can be costly, depending upon a few variables—the location of the damage, how long it’s gone unnoticed and what materials are affected. The cost of the problem can also increase regarding health and safety issues. The best way to avoid costly cleanups, hospital bills, and renovations is to address any potential leaks, or flooding, as soon as you notice them. Prevention Is Key In Avoiding Water Damage Stopping water damage before it starts is always the best defense. Routinely check for leaks around your home and repair any cracks and holes, replace old pipes, varnish wood surfaces, install sealants around your doors and windows, and make sure a proper ventilation system is in [...]

408, 2017

​Could Mold Fungal Infection Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

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While mold is known to cause illnesses such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues, Alzheimer’s disease has also been found to have a possible connection to mold exposure. Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking progressive and degenerative disorder that is diagnosed by the presence of memory loss and disorientation. While scientists have proven the brains of people with Alzheimer’s are different than those without it, it is not yet known what causes the disease. However, some recent research points to mold as one of the possible, and main, culprits. How Does The Brain Of An Alzheimer’s Patient Differ From Others? Plaques—abnormal clusters of chemically “sticky” proteins—and tangles are the prime suspects in cell death and tissue loss [...]

2907, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Mold Under The Floor

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There is no such thing as living in an entirely mold-free environment. There are more than 100,000 kinds of mold in existence, and most have a beneficial purpose—they decompose biological matter that would otherwise drown the world in waste. But when mold spores drift inside your home and find a damp environment, they can grow and prove hazardous to your health. If mold finds a home under your flooring, you’ll need to fix the cause, remove the mold and replace the flooring. You Have Mold Growing Under Your Floor—Now What? First things first: Don’t track mold through the clean rooms in your home. Place your mold-free shoes outside of the contaminated area to slip into as [...]

2207, 2017

What Are Biggest Mistakes When Cleaning Mold

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When homeowners suspect they have a mold issue, some decide to clean it themselves. It’s possible that they can do so with the proper equipment and technique in place, but occasionally, they bite off more than can chew by either underestimating the size of the job or using the wrong materials. Here’s how you can avoid disaster in a larger mold problem or possible health issues down the road. Do NOT Use Bleach! You’ll see plenty of tutorials online suggesting bleach kills mold—it doesn’t. While it may change your mold white, it won’t kill the organism. Bleach helps create an environment for mold to grow, and when you spray bleach on mold, all you’re doing is [...]

1407, 2017

Why Is It A Bad Idea To Do Mold Remediation Yourself?

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When it comes to mold removal, you may be getting more than you bargained for if you try to do the job yourself, without the proper tools or experience. Mold can affect the health of everyone in your home, and if you don’t complete the job correctly, it can create a larger issue for you, your family and your property. What tools are needed for mold removal? To perform a mold remediation job properly, special supplies and equipment are required. Just a fan or open window generally won't do—air filtration devices that are strategically placed and are vented out through a window to create negative air pressure are needed to ensure that no contaminants enter the [...]

807, 2017

When Should I Have My House Tested For Mold?

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It’s not always necessary to do a home check for mold—sometimes it’s in an easily-accessible area that you can see plainly, but other times mold can proliferate quickly and hide in hard-to-get-to places, like inside walls, under carpets, and in crawlspaces. Because mold can adversely affect the health of you, your family and pets, it’s best to have your home tested if you suspect there is an infestation. There are key moments in which it’s wise for a mold remediation company to test your home, and if mold is found, to remove it promptly and safely: When you are purchasing a new residence If flooding or a leak has occurred somewhere in your home If you [...]

3006, 2017

What is the New York State Mold License Law & How Does It Affect You?

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New York State’s mold law went into effect on January 1, 2016. Any private or public property that has had a moisture intrusion event, mold growth, resident/occupant complaint(s), or a due diligence request can affect you if you own, manage or maintain a property. What Does The Law Define As Mold? “Mold” refers to any multicellular fungi growth capable of creating toxins that—even with minimal exposure—can cause pulmonary, respiratory, neurological, or other, illnesses. A wide variety of events can fall under a mold assessment, and remediation regulated definition, so it’s best to be not only prepared and but well informed regarding what, and who, the law covers. Who Is Required To Obtain A Mold Assessment And [...]

2206, 2017

How Mold Affects Indoor Air Quality?

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According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the air we breathe indoors is often more polluted than the air outdoors, especially in the major industrialized cities, and this can adversely affect our health. What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? The air quality in and around your home or office, as it relates to the health and comfort of the people inside, is referred to as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Mold is just one of thousands of pollutants that can affect the air you breathe indoors, and there are over 100,000 different types. Understanding and combatting common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of health concerns. Otherwise, potentially damaging effects may be experienced both in the [...]

1506, 2017

What Is The Difference Between Toxic And Non-Toxic Mold?

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Where Can Mold Be Found? Mold can be found anywhere, indoors and out. Outside, mold proliferates in shady, damp areas and places where leaves or other vegetation is decomposing. Inside, it can be found in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms—anywhere humidity is a factor. Drywall, ceiling tiles, carpets, furniture, ductwork, roofing, paneling, wallpaper, and the areas around plumbing pipes are some places that can harbor mold if the necessary growing conditions are present. What Kinds Of Molds Are There? The USDA estimates that there are 100,000 or more types of mold, which can appear in a number of different shades or hues including black, white, yellow, green, pink to name a few. The color of mold can [...]

806, 2017

House Flooding And What To Do? The Dangers Of Mold After A Flood.

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If your home has been flooded, chances are, mold will soon follow. Here’s what you can do to clean it up and take precaution against it returning. How To Dry Out Your Home After A Flood It’s imperative to get the water out of your home as quickly as possible, as mold spores can start growing within a day or two after it becomes flooded. The quicker you are at removing floodwaters from your residence, the greater the likelihood of preventing mold altogether. Make sure your home’s structure is safe before entering. Once inside, remove anything that isn’t waterlogged or wet, including furniture, clothing and other personal items that are still dry. This way, you’ll have [...]

2605, 2017

What Are The Signs Of Mold Allergies In Children & What To Do Next

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While the presence of mold can affect all people and pets, it can impede a child’s health significantly if left to proliferate. If you suspect children in your home are suffering from illnesses caused by mold, it’s important to know what to look for and how to get rid of the offending fungus. How Does Mold Affect Children? It has been said that at least one in every three kids is allergic to mold. Like with adults, symptoms of a mold allergy often manifest in respiratory problems which include a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, and throat irritation. If left untreated, more severe illnesses such as asthma and lung infections can occur. These pose a [...]

1605, 2017

Do Houseplants Cause Mold? The Truth May Surprise You

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If you’re diligent about keeping your home mold free, you may want to give your indoor plants a second look—they, too, can harbor mold. But can they be saved? How Do Houseplants Attract Mold? Houseplants can be like children; they give us great joy as we nurture them and watch them grow, but they can get sick, and mold is just one of the ways a plant can take ill. Overwatering, poor drainage, old potting soil, and decaying matter can encourage fungi in any plant. Some molds can be relatively harmless, but others can kill a plant and make you sick in the process. What Can You Do If You Plant Has Been Attacked By Mold? [...]

905, 2017

How To Prevent, Find & Get Rid Of Mold In Your Bathroom

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In any home, the bathroom is the most common place for mold to proliferate, due to the humidity from your shower, bathtub, and sink. Here are some tips for dealing with mold if you spot it in your bathroom, or prevent it if it's not already there. Does Your Bathroom Have Mold? Mold thrives in damp, dark and isolated spots. The bathroom, therefore, lends itself to mold growth. Even if your shower, or entire bathroom, dries between use, it may not stay that way long enough to stop mold from growing. Poor ventilation, a dripping showerhead, or leaky pipes only add to the problem as do certain materials such as wood, rugs, paper products, wallpaper, and [...]

505, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Mold Naturally

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While there are many ways to eradicate mold from your home, some cleaning agents may be highly toxic to you and detrimental to the environment. There are many ways to get rid of mold using natural ingredients. Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Mold It’s best to prevent mold before it can spread. If there are any leaks in your home, repair them. Dry any moist or wet areas as quickly as possible, and ventilate spots in your home where humidity is higher. However, if mold already exists, there a few household products that will help you combat it safely: Vinegar Vinegar is a cheap, naturally-antimicrobial substance you can use to clean places where mold [...]

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