Is Mold In Your Front-Load Washing Machine Harmful?

A while back we did an article on why mold in your dishwasher is dangerous to you and your family’s health. It turns out that the dishwasher isn’t the only home appliance that is a harbor to that dangerous mold. Your washing machine is another perfect habitat for mold. Is it as dangerous as when it’s found in the [...]

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Mold Exposure During Pregnancy

By now we all know that exposure to mold is never a good thing. Whether it’s the mold on an old piece of bread or a widespread colony of black mold in the basement, we should try to avoid being exposed. However, what if the exposure isn’t to ourselves, but rather a developing baby inside its mother’s belly? As [...]

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What Can Breathing In Mold Do To You?

Mold can grow just about anywhere. It sounds like a nightmare to deal with and in a way it sort of is. If you are a homeowner, finding out that you have mold can be the last piece of news you want to hear. While it isn’t as bad as say, termites, mold can still be destructive. What sets [...]

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Can Mold In A Dishwasher Make You Sick?

Would you eat a pile of mold if someone set it down on the table in front of you? Of course not! We all know that mold can make us sick. Besides, it’s nasty and smells bad. Yet, you may be doing just that without even knowing it. According to new research up to 62% of dishwashers contain dangerous [...]

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What Is Torula Mold?

Torula mold is a yeast that has practical uses but can also be pathogenic. One the one hand, this common mold, in its inactive form, can be a flavor enhancer, a starter culture in the production of certain cheeses, and, when dissolved in water, can organically control olive flies in California and Europe. But, as mentioned, it is also [...]

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How Do I Remove Mold From Wood?

Wood structuring, floors, and flooring in your home have an inviting and homey look, but unfortunately, this type of surface also sucks up and retains water, which makes it a sure bet for eventual mold and mildew growth. Worse yet, discoloration on wood may seem like a natural occurrence, so homeowners may not recognize what moldy wood looks like. [...]

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Can Mold in Schools Make Children Sick?

The short answer is yes. Schools are no different than households or other buildings. They contain walls, pipes, paneling, ceilings, and floors--all places that mold can develop and spread, especially if moisture is present. What Health Issues Can Mold Cause For School Children? For starters, mold and the accompanying moisture that often goes with it can be difficult to [...]

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What is Bipolaris Mold?

Bipolaris mold grows fast and can be found outdoors on grass, on plants and in the soil. Indoors, homeowners may find it on houseplants, spoiled food such as corn or celery, and on water-damaged materials such as carpeting, hardwood floors, or sheetrock. Bipolaris mold is the type of mold that you’ll know is a mold-like substance when you see [...]

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How To Identify Types Of Mold By Color

Mold is one of the most common non-living organisms visible to the naked eye. All around the world it works to help decompose and recycle old materials. It breaks down trees, leaves, and leftover food products in landfills. Without mold the world would quickly become a giant landfill. Although it is essential, no one wants mold in their home. [...]

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