Mold contamination in a commercial structure can not affect the health of the people working within but can interrupt business operations. The Affordable Remediations pros are certified, knowledgeable, and equipped to handle any mold removal job, no matter how big or small and keep your business moving. Our trained operators are always available to address your concerns and dispatch a team to tackle your mold problem, quickly and efficiently with minimal disturbance of your day to day operations.

What Can Cause A Mold Infestation In The Workplace?

Mold infestations are always the result of the same issues—flooding, leaks, and moisture. The longer they go unattended, the more likely you will have a mold problem that cannot be ignored, as it will not only affect the health of you and your employees, but cause structural damage, lost revenue, and poor productivity.

How We Can Help Solve Your Mold Problem

Once on site, Affordable Remediation professional will assess the damage through a serious of tests and give you a step by step plan of action. We’ll then contain the infestation to help prevent its spread to other parts of the building, then begin the remediation process, working safely and efficiently to manage the situation.

Property Owners & Building Managers

While working with tenants, time is of the essence in a mold issue to avoid not only health concerns but possible litigation. Our team will assess your mold problem and give you an inspection report that is clear and easy to understand with results interpreted in layman’s terms for you and your tenants.

Environmental, Insurance & Construction Companies

If you need further assistance during the mold removal process, Affordable Remediation is certified and properly-trained to not only clean and remove mold from the structure, but we’ll work together with professional subcontractors from the environmental, insurance & construction companies to complete the process safely and thoroughly.

Law Firms, Attorneys & Banks

Our team has worked regularly with attorneys, banks, and realtors, and will help you determine the best way to approach your mold removal problem. We’ll provide you with an honest account of the problem at hand and how to approach it. Our unbiased reports will neither exaggerate, nor downplay, your environmental risk if there is one.

Schools & Daycares

Keeping children safe is an Affordable Remediation priority. If there’s a mold problem in your school or daycare, we’ll respond with the utmost immediacy and provide clear, written documentation as to how we’ll carry out mold removal and clean up. Our staff is discreet and accustomed to working with concerned parents and school staff. When the job is finished, we’ll make sure remediation has been completed correctly, so mold does not return.