Decomposition Odor Removal Services

Compassionate After Death Cleanup, Disinfection, Deodorize & Sanitization
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Decomposition Odor Removal Services

Compassionate After Death Cleanup, Disinfection, Deodorize & Sanitization
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

Like It Never Happened

All animals, including humans, have a diverse population of microbes both within them and on the skin. The relationship between the body and the microbes is held in check by a variety of biological processes. When that person or animal dies, these processes grind to a halt, and the microbes are allowed to flourish at their own pace.

This is especially pronounced in the digestive system, where different types of bacteria start to reproduce rapidly, producing gas that can gradually escape the body. At the same time, other decomposition effects start to break the body down into potentially biohazardous materials.

Of course, all these things give off their own strong odor, which is sometimes referred to as the “Stench of Death.” It is a pervasive odor that not only fills a room but can easily permeate the surrounding soft materials. It accelerates when bodily fluids are naturally released during the decomposition process.

The severity of the stench of death increases the longer the body goes without proper removal and treatment, or disposal. In the case of an unattended death or an undiscovered violent crime scene, the stench can be quite powerful. In fact, many unattended deaths are discovered when neighbors or passers-by happen to notice the distinctive foul odor coming from the death scene.

Landlords and rental property managers are the most likely people who will need to death with an unattended death and foul odors left behind. This is often related to the volume of rental units they are responsible for.

Highest Standards In Cleaning Period!

Professional Decomposition Cleanup And Deodorizing

If you are dealing with a decomposition site and the inevitable odor, you might be tempted to clean it up yourself. Though most people find that they simply lack the tools, training, and personal protection equipment to properly remove all affected materials from a decomposition site and remediate the stench of death.

Most of the cleaning products available at the retail level tend to temporarily cover up the odor of death, only to have it gradually return. Even after multiple cleanings, the stench of death can still linger pervasively. This is often due to trace amounts of lingering bacteria that continue to repopulate, releasing more unpleasant gasses.

This truly is a situation, where it’s best to seek out professional remediation services like those offered by Affordable Remediation. We have the tools, training, personal protection equipment, and commercial-grade cleaning products to effectively clean up the death site and remove all traces of decomposition odor.

How Long Does It Take For Decomposition Odor To Occur?

You might be surprised at how quickly decomposition odor can develop. The microbes in and on a body can reproduce rapidly. Especially in warm humid conditions. It can be a matter of hours before a noticeable odor starts to pervade the area.

Though if the windows and doors are closed, the decomposition odor can buildup unnoticed for days. At this point, chances are that the problem is severe, and many of the soft surfaces surrounding the body have been badly affected by the odor or the release of decomposing bodily fluids.

Who Is Responsible For Cleaning Up A Dead Body?

When a dead human body is found the coroner or a similar authority will eventually come to take the body away. In the case of a dead and decomposing animal, most counties have a service that will come and take the remains away.

However, law enforcement and the state are not responsible for cleaning up a crime scene or the site of an unattended death. The responsibility for site cleanup lands squarely on the shoulders of the property owner. Which in and of itself can be a daunting challenge.

The Affordable Remediation Cleanup & Deodorizing Process

Affordable Remediation’s technicians have extensive training in cleaning up and treating the odor of decomposition. Our process starts with a comprehensive site inspection to assess all the surfaces and materials that are affected by the odor or any lingering bodily fluids.

At that point, our technicians will put on their professional-grade personal protection equipment. If the odor of decomposition is strong, or there are other airborne biohazards at the scene, this might also include using personal respirators.

Minimally affected items might be cleaned and salvaged. Though anything that has been saturated by bodily fluids or badly affected by the decomposition process will likely need to be removed. We will then dispose of them in accordance with any state, local, or federal laws.

Once the decomposition site has been professionally cleaned and sanitized to remove all potential pathogens, our technicians will get to work deodorizing the area. We use professional-grade deodorizing products and state-of-the-art equipment to permanently eliminate all traces of decomposition odor.

Professional Documentation & Certification Upon Completion

Many state and local laws require some type of documentation after a biohazard contamination event. This might also be a requirement of your home or business insurance provider. Landlords and rental property managers often face intense scrutiny after something like an unattended death, sewage backup, or a ruptured pipe.

At Affordable Remediation, we can provide you with the proper documentation to verify that whatever the biohazard was, that it was professionally remediated to all pertinent standards. This will help streamline any possible insurance claims or clear any concerns about the safety of a rental property.