Workers in Protective Suits Training


Partnering with Affordable Remediation means that you receive the highest level of support. We are dedicated to helping all our franchise members succeed, which includes providing you with extensive training & support. Our goal is to arm you with the information you need to succeed from the start.

The training process to become a certified Affordable Remediation franchise has several steps. It starts with comprehensive classroom training, which can be done virtually if necessary, as well as hands-on training with our experienced team of technicians.


The mentorship you receive from our highly-experienced technicians is just the tip of the iceberg. You will also have easy access to information from our operations team, marketing team, and our executive management team.

At every level, our people will teach you everything you need to know about the critical skills involved in operating an Affordable Remediation franchise.

  • Hands On Training
  • Technical, Sales, Financial, Operations & Marketing Support
  • IIRC Training
  • Bidding / Estimating
  • Project Management

Affordable Remediation has spent years building a strong reputation in the restoration industry, by embracing every opportunity with the hard work necessary to succeed. We now offer that opportunity to prospective franchisees with the vision and determination to own their own business.

Setting You Up For Success


Our instructors go beyond a training class; during the initial training period we will accompany you on jobs to give you the confidence needed to understand situations to properly quote, win and perform the right tasks for the job. This will help you quickly grow as a leader in your territory, but establish yourself as the go-to source in your community with award-winning reviews.

  • Business plans

  • Realistic goals
  • Field training
  • Hiring quality teams
  • Community development
  • Administrative processes
  • Compliance & credentialing
  • 24/7 collaborative support
  • Continuing education
  • Dedicated manager
Hands On Training


Affordable Remediation’s years of success have been driven by our comprehensive marketing strategies, an innovative business model, successful training techniques, and a vigorous ongoing support program. When you become a licensed franchisee, you gain access to all of these strategies and more. This includes things like:


  • A dedicated business coach
  • Access to regional trade shows and workshops
  • Professional technology solutions experts
  • Invitations to conventions
  • Extensive tech support

Affordable Remediation’s Business Support Team will provide you with ongoing technical expertise that helps you manage all facets of growing your franchise. This includes an agile business model that will help you adapt to future changes in the market, as well as find ways to make the most out of your regional niche.
We work tirelessly with all of our franchise owners and executives to ensure that you are prepared with the tools and technology that you need to succeed in any market. We go the extra mile to provide you with:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Online tools for website success
  • Call center support
  • Tech support
  • And more


Affordable Remediation has an experienced marketing team that helps guide our franchises through our comprehensive, and highly successful marketing model. They will peel back the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how to not just attract new customers, but to retain loyal customers.

This included in-depth training in:


  • Inbound marketing techniques
  • Outbound marketing strategies
  • Effective use of graphics
  • Launching website pages that improve ranking on popular search engines
  • Blog writing to attract new customers
  • Foundational marketing techniques that empower sales

Our team will also provide you with access and support. This includes guiding you on how to market at the local level as well as how to implement a successful digital marketing strategy that will increase your customer range.

Customer Service Home


Great customer service is critical for success in the remediation industry. This starts with the first phone call, all the way through the remediation process and following up afterward. Clients need to feel that they can come to you as a trusted resource for their questions. If something isn’t 100% right, they also need to feel confident that you will put it right. This goes a long way toward not only securing customer loyalty for repeat business but also securing referrals to satisfied customers’ family and friends.

Affordable Remediation has developed tried-and-true customer service practices at every level. The training and support you receive as one of our franchises will allow you to enjoy the same powerful customer support principles you need to become recognized as an industry leader in the communities you serve. 

Path To Ownership

We worked hard to develop a pathway to ownership that was easy for aspiring franchisees to embrace. All while doing everything we could to keep the initial costs to you as low as possible. There are several steps on the pathway to owning your own Affordable Remediation franchise.

Teaching Class

Ongoing Support & Training

Affordable Remediation takes pride in providing our franchise owners with the support and training they need to succeed. This starts with a 40-hour training session, where you are taught a wide range of skills. This is followed up with information on how to best implement our proven business model as well as how to develop your marketing presence in your protected territory.