• Includes one air test or swab for 800 Square Feet


$80per test
  • (Required for multi-floor space)


$80per test
  • Testing visible surface discoloration


$2 to 4per sq ft
  • No removal – cleaning + treating


$6 to 12per sq ft
  • Remediation with removal + cleaning


  • Includes vacuum and blowout of entire HVAC system, sterilizing ventilation system for all mold bacteria and virus.
  • Also includes a new level 10 air filter and certificate of sanitation. Includes dryer vent for $50

How Do We Look For Mold?

Our mold remediation team will start by doing a visual inspection of your home or business. If there are any visible signs of water damage, a musty smell, or the building has ever suffered a leak from the roof, basement, or plumbing, chances are, you have a mold issue.

There’s a common misconception that if you can’t see mold, you’re don’t have it, but nothing can be further from the truth. Mold proliferates behind drywall, underneath floorboards, and in other places not easily accessed.

When we first arrive at your home or business, we’ll do a visual inspection. We’ll identify the greatest area of concern and, with the addition of thermal imaging and air sample from the affected area, we’ll be able to determine the scope of your mold infestation and give you an accurate cost estimate.

How Much Can Mold Removal Cost?

The cost of mold remediation depends on several variables. Testing alone averages from $300-$500. That cost, however, will factor into your total calculated costs for the mold remediation of your home or business. See below for a quick chart.

Other factors include:

The size of your mold infestation

The longer you leave problem unattended, the more significant it will be. This alone will increase the cost! It is, therefore, safer and more cost effective to tackle a mold problem as soon as you suspect you have one.

The location of your mold infestation

If mold in your home or business is hidden behind walls, floorboards or other enclosed spaces, it will be harder to remove and take longer. This, too, will affect the cost of remediation

The type of mold being removed

There are over 100,000 different types of mold, and each needs to be removed in a specific way which can also affect the cost. The more dangerous the mold is to eliminate, the more immediate the need to remove it.

Fixing the underlying reasons for mold infestation

It’s no secret mold grows in damp environments, therefore, whatever is making your home or business ripe for mold proliferation has to be addressed. If you have a leak or cracks where moisture can seep in, the source of the problem has to be corrected before mold removal can take place. Sometimes, this is the most costly part of any mold remediation job.

After examining the variables above, our mold remediation team will determine the scope of the task at hand, and how to best approach it. Depending upon the extent of the damage and location, costs can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars.