Homeowners, Families & Friends

Professional Cleanup Services With Care & Empathy Done Right
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

Homeowners, Families & Friends

Professional Cleanup Services With Care & Empathy Done Right
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

Like It Never Happened

Your home is your sanctuary, and when something disturbs this sense of security, the top priority is to restore your residence as quickly as possible. Though this is often the sort of thing that is easier said than done. Especially in the case of biohazard contamination, water damage, violent crime, or a mold infestation.

In a time like this, you can rest assured in the professionalism, discretion, and empathy of the Affordable Remediation’s technicians. Our top priority is to deal with the problem promptly and according to your wishes.

In many of these cases, the type of problem and severity will greatly influence the remediation measures we need to perform. This includes but is not limited to the following things.

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The Affordable Remediation Sanitization Process

Whatever the severity of the biohazard contamination or mold infestation, you can trust that we have the trained technicians and commercial-grade equipment to handle it. There are multiple phases to our process, each is designed to safely and effectively clean the site to the highest standards.

Developing An Emergency Management Plan

As a loving individual , there are certainly going to be times when you simply won’t be able to see a problem coming until it hits. Though having an emergency management checklist in place will certainly help you make sure that nothing goes overlooked. This includes things like:

  • Keeping important emergency contact information close at hand.
  • Making a list of emergency service professionals.
  • Keeping an inventory of sensitive on-site materials

Professional Documentation & Certification Upon Completion

Many state and local laws require some type of documentation after a biohazard contamination event. This might also be a requirement of your home or business insurance provider. Landlords and rental property managers often face intense scrutiny after something like an unattended death, sewage backup, or a ruptured pipe.

At Affordable Remediation, we can provide you with the proper documentation to verify that whatever the biohazard was, that it was professionally remediated to all pertinent standards. This will help streamline any possible insurance claims or clear any concerns about the safety of a rental property.