One of the places you may not think about mold growing in is your home’s foundation. In fact, there’s a good chance you don’t think about your home’s foundation at all. However, mold loves to grow in your foundation and it can cause some severe problems if not addressed. Here’s why you should pay attention to mold growth in your home’s foundation:

Why Is A Home’s Foundation Ideal For Mold Growth?

Your home’s foundation is concrete. Concrete itself is a porous material that absorbs some water and moisture. Since it is underground, it is exposed to moisture almost constantly, no matter where you live. Fortunately, foundation concrete is typically treated with a waterproofing material that keeps it dry. However, your foundation is also susceptible to small and large cracks. These develop as the foundation settles, the concrete hardens, and as the foundation ages over time.

Moisture can seep into these cracks and provide an ideal habitat for mold growth. Once moisture is present, mold has all it needs to thrive, including a dark, undisturbed area. Since your foundation is hidden and difficult to access, mold is allowed to grow for years, practically undetectable.

Why Is Mold In My Foundation A Problem?

If mold stayed in your foundation, it wouldn’t be a terrible problem. After all, your foundation is outside, and you don’t come into contact with it. What does come into contact with your foundation is your home’s basement, crawl spaces, and building materials. When mold growth begins in your foundation, it can quickly spread through your home into these other areas. Once a colony begins spreading inside your home, it can cause damage and health problems for you and your family.

Are There Health Risks Of Mold In The Foundation Of My Home?

Again, mold in your foundation doesn’t pose any inherent health risks. However, once it comes inside, you will start to feel the negative health effects of it. Cold-like symptoms, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, red eyes, and a runny nose are just a few of the things you may experience if mold is growing in your home. If large colonies of it are growing, as often happens after it spread from your foundation, these health problems will be significant.

How To Fix A Mold Foundation Problem

Unfortunately, fixing a mold problem in your foundation isn’t easy. Unlike being able to clean off a colony of mold from a wall, mold can grow deep into the tiny cracks and crevasses of your home’s foundation. Trying to clean this on your own is dangerous, inefficient, and almost impossible. Instead, you should get in touch with a local mold remediation specialist. They will be able to better identify how far the colony has grown and find ways to help remove it from your foundation. They may also help you mold-proof your home against further mold growth in the foundation.

Is There A Way To Prevent Mold Growth In The Foundation?

There isn’t a great way to guarantee that mold won’t grow in your foundation. In fact, preventing it is nearly impossible. The inaccessibility and tiny cracks make it almost inevitable for mold to grow. However, having an annual inspection of your home’s foundation can help catch mold problems early so that they don’t grow and spread into your home.