Coronavirus / COVID-19
Cleaning & Disinfection

Worried About The Presence Of This Infectious Disease?

Affordable Remediation rapid response team of IICRC certified cleaning experts provides infectious disease cleaning services to help prevent and or eliminate the spread of the virus in your home or business.

If you’re responsible for a high traffic area or just concerned about the safety of your home, then proper cleaning using the right treatments is paramount to it’s prevention and decontamination.

With the unfortunate news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) also known in the medical field as SAR-COV-2 outbreak, it’s more important than ever to ensure homes and businesses are protected from contamination of this virus. Effects of this outbreak are known to last from a few hours up to 9 days on surfaces, and growing news of fatalities as a result is quite scary. As a leader in remediation services, Affordable Remediation delivers the highest standards in rapid response to this pandemic 24/7 across New York & New Jersey to give our neighbors peace of mind as this outbreak is being contained.

The CDC has previously recommended IICRC certified organizations for the proper cleaning & disinfection of viruses such as Ebola using EPA approved disinfectants.

Expert Cleanup Services

No matter what the size of the area you need sanitized, we have the trained team ready to take on any scenario. A list of examples are below:

  • Single Office or Entire Office Building

  • Elder Care facilities or Nursing Homes

  • Doctors Offices & Hospitals

  • Gyms & Health Clubs

  • Restaurants & Hotels

  • Personal & Public Transportation

  • Schools

  • Nail Salons & Hair Salons

  • …many more….

Remediation & Disinfecting Coronavirus Procedures

After an initial assessment, we first implement contamination control protocols to ensure any affected areas are secure and separated from non affected areas so there is no cross contamination during any clean up. We consult with the CDC continually for most current CDC and EPA approved disinfectants needed to contain and control the Coronavirus (COVID-19) since it is still novel.

COVID-19 cleanup and sanitization includes cleaning, disinfecting, and properly disposing of all infected materials, and wipe down with CDC and EPA approved industrial-strength disinfectants have a broad spectrum to kill viruses, bacteria & pathogens, adhering to stringent coronavirus demobilization process for equipment, trucks, and waste storage areas.

  • All industrial-strength disinfectants have a broad spectrum kill which are both CDC and EPA approved.

  • Proper cleaning, disinfection and disposal of any and all infected materials

  • Team members use fully encapsulated in personal protective gear, which includes full-face respirator masks

We will preserve the confidentiality of all of our clients and projects

This is an extremely serious situation to the health of family, friends, employees, customers and loved ones. To learn more about the coronavirus cleaning methods & protocols we’re trained to adhere to for the health and well being of people in our community, call us anytime to speak with an expert.

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