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Insurance Agents, Claims & Adjusters

Stay On Schedule & Get Big Problems Fixed So You Can Close
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

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As a prefered insurance vendor, we are pleased to offer priority assistance to policyholders so you can manage claims quickly. We go above and beyond our commitment to customer satisfaction to ensure properties are returned back to their pre-damaged state using cutting-edge techniques by highly trained remediators, overseen by IIRC certified cleaning professionals.

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Our team works around the clock to help insurance companies, adjusters or claims managers get what they need to satisfy claims fast without the back and forth. This saves you money and time with clear communication and 100% customer satisfaction.

Damage to a policyholder’s home, business, or commercial property can be a major issue. Especially in cases where there might be an underlying liability concern. In the case of present or past biohazards, there could be serious health concerns or regulations that need to be addressed according to compliance standards.

On a commercial property or business, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may have regulations on safety standards for employees, and guests. Allowing people to return to a biohazardous site without professional remediation and documentation can be a major violation. In some cases, a commercial property might not meet the standards necessary for the sale, which could delay the real estate process in the middle of the sale.

The Environmental Protection Agency also has safety regulations as well as disposal requirements for a wide range of materials with biohazardous, and biochemical contamination. Failing to remediate these materials according to EPA standards can result in serious fines.

Certified Removal & Remediation Insurance Claims

Most property owners lack the experience of knowing how to safely remediate biohazards and mold infestation issues. Some might be tempted to try to clean up the problem themselves. Though without the proper training, tools, and personal protective equipment they could be putting themselves and others at risk of severe contamination issues.

Being able to refer your policyholders to a professional service like Affordable Remediation ensures that the cleanup process is done right the first time. We also make sure that all contaminated materials are removed according to established safety standards and disposed of in accordance with all pertinent codes. Especially, the EPA’s biohazard disposal regulations.

Afterward, we can provide your policyholders with the necessary documentation to demonstrate:

  • The severity of the biohazard contamination

  • The contaminated materials that were removed

  • How materials were disposed

  • What remediation measures were performed

This will go a long way toward streamlining the claims process, as well as providing all parties with compliance documentation. In the case of a commercial property that is up for sale, this can also be a critical step in an ESA Phase 1 or ESA Phase 2 assessment.

Biohazardous material can be a major problem for policyholders as well as you, the insurance provider.

This includes things like:

  • Mold infestation

  • Water damage

  • Blood & other bodily fluids

  • Damage from trauma or violent crime

  • Effluent wastewater & sewage

In times like this, discretion can be just as important as a part of the remediation process as cleaning. You can trust it with the utmost professionalism and discretion from the technicians at Affordable Remediation. We have years of experience dealing with all manner of biohazards and biochemical contamination problems.

Professional Documentation & Certification Upon Completion

Upon completion of the remediation process, we can provide you and the policyholder with any necessary documentation such as certifications, tests and licenses, along with before and after results. This will note the location and severity of the problem as well as what materials were affected, or the presence of any known toxic pathogens We will also include documentation that all compromised materials were safely removed and disposed of or remediated according to the highest standards.