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    Raritan Bay on the New Jersey shore has long been appreciated for its natural beauty as well as it’s relatively close proximity to New York City. The town of Hazlet New Jersey was incorporated into the Raritan Township. It is also part of the Bayshore Regional Strategic Plan.

    Hazlet boasts a traditional downtown area with all its charms. It also has a rich maritime history as well as nearby natural beauty. The local school system also has several segment programs with an average student to teacher ratio of 12.17:1.

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    Just like any seaside community, the ocean spray and humidity are a fact of life. This can promote things like early rusting on vehicles, as well as possible increased risk of hypothermia caused by cold combined with high winter humidity. Ambient humidity issues can also leave homes, vehicles, and outbuildings at increased risk for mold problems.

    Early signs of an issue often manifest as unpleasant odors and areas of discoloration in lesser-used areas of the home. Mold is particularly prone to developing in bathrooms with insufficient ventilation, or kitchens where the air from the hood doesn’t immediately exhaust outside.

    If you are worried that mold may have set up a presence in your home, it’s wise to seek action fast. Some strains of mold can start to establish a new colony in a little over a day!

    A professional mold test will sample the air in your home and may also require taking physical samples from vulnerable areas. If we do find something our professional consultants can explain your options.

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    Let’s say that your house tested positive for the presence of mold in one or more rooms. Right off the bat, you shouldn’t be too distressed. Yes, this is a serious problem and one that could even prove to be life-threatening, if left unchecked.

    Fortunately, we have all the tools, equipment, and training necessary to quickly eradicate the presence of mold in your home. Our special techniques are even designed to prevent fugitive mold spores from escaping to potentially infest another room after we’ve gone!

    Of course, mold remediation is just one important part of the solution. Future preventive steps will need to be taken. This might include simple things like upgrading your fans and your HVAC system. Maintaining dehumidifiers in key locations anytime the ambient humidity level goes over 50% will also help prevent new mold infestation.

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    We asked Affordable Remediation Services to clean up some basement mold. Dominick came out very quickly to assess the job and scheduled the work for a few days later. The team was careful to protect the areas of house they walked through to get to the basement. They arrived on time and were finished in a few hours. They did a great job cleaning the basement rafters, concrete block walls and one problematic concrete block wall the needed to be painted. When finished, they cleaned everything up. They even came back to check on the painted wall. This company is very thorough and professional . Dominick and his team were fantastic and I will absolutely recommend Affordable Remediation Services.VINNJJanuary 19, 2021
    I am in the process of selling my dad's house and the buyer's inspector identified potential mold in the basement. This was one of several issues identified and was very concerning to me as the seller. During our first conversation Dominick put my mind at ease and let me know process that would take place to completely remediate the mold step by step. During future conversations, Dominick clearly identified each step and delivered, greatly exceeding my expectations. He and his team were prompt, professional, and remediated the mold issue quickly. I can't write enough here to explain how relieved I was once the work was completed. I am writing this review because too often individuals only write reviews to voice complaints and I would like to thank Dominick and his team for there quick response which will keep me on time for my closing. I would recommend Affordable Remediation & Emergency Services to anyone who needs their services to ensure the job is done properly and professionally.William ChiusanoJanuary 12, 2021
    Dominic came on Sunday right when we called he was there in 15 min to help my family out with an issue we had in our home! 5 stars all the way! Highly recommend him and this company!Jeanine ReachJanuary 11, 2021
    Dominic was very knowledgeable and thorough. Answered all our questions, gave some suggestions which were quite helpful. Would absolutely recommendBetty BrennanJanuary 9, 2021
    I highly recommend this company. They were professional from start to finish. Owner was VERY responsive to my questions/concerns.Jim HaklarJanuary 9, 2021
    My father had serious water damage from the last storm. The entire downstairs was flooded. Dominic and crew had his health as a top priority! They did an amazing job. Always cleaning up after they left... replaced the entire first floor flooring and drywall. Better than before. Thanks so much guys! Amazing job.Advanced Auto SpaJanuary 7, 2021
    I was very impressed with Dominic. He helped me with my kids' allergies. Very caring, helpful and kind!Matt MattDecember 13, 2020
    I was so pleased with the prompt and courteous service I received from Dominick and his team. I would recommend them for any of their services. Dominick is a man of his word and went above and beyond for the mold remediation that was reformed. Was so pleased and had a few laughs along the way!Dorry ChottNovember 26, 2020
    I reached out to Domenic after reading Affordable Remediation’s wonderful reviews...they are well deserved. He allayed our concerns about the mold in the attic and provided prompt thorough remediation at a fair price . He was prompt and neat. His comprehensive paperwork and third party testing after completion are an added benefit. Thanks Dominick...we appreciate your hard work and professionalism.Nancy KarlOctober 25, 2020
    Dominick answered our call in a timely manner, the next morning, and performed the remediation the next day. He was totally professional, gave a detailed account of the problem and how he was going to handle it.I felt sorry that he had to go up into our attic on a 90+degree day but there were no complaints from him. We were given a complete report in a few days. I would recommend him without any reservations.Alexis RasmussenAugust 4, 2020

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