If you feel you have a mold issue, the Affordable Remediation team is here to help answer your questions or address your concerns. Our operators are always on call to assist you and swiftly dispatch professionals to your home or business to assess your mold infiltration. We’ll put your mind at ease with a thorough test of the structure and devise a detailed plan for combating mold growth.

Why should you consider mold testing services?

Do you feel as though you are frequently sick for no reason with respiratory ailments, allergies, or rashes? Is there a musty odor in the air? Did you have a recent leak or flood? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a mold infestation which could be detrimental to the health of you and your family. A test by the pros at Affordable Remediation will give you an idea as to what you face in the battle against mold.

What is included in our mold testing services?

If you feel as though you have a mold issue, Affordable Remediation offers several options for testing:

Visual Mold Field Testing

A typical field assessment includes a walk around the interior and exterior of the building to look for visible signs of mold. Our team members may use a moisture meter or infrared camera and tape tests of visible mold in their research. This type of inspection is a limited assessment of the problem but includes a report, lab analysis of tape tests, and photos.

Airborne Mold Testing

There are several types of airborne mold tests, with the most common being the TOTAL test, also called the non-viable test. This test uses a calibrated air pump and individual collector cassettes (often Air-O-Cell or Allergenco cassettes) to collect airborne samples of both living and dead spores. We often will take samples through multiple areas of the dwelling both inside and outside to assess the total level of spores within the property. In addition we have particle testers which can detect the microscopic particles within the air/

The second most common test is called the viable test. It uses special collector plates and pumps together with various growths on Petri plates to collect airborne samples. While this test is more accurate at identifying specific molds, it sometimes has limits. For a more definitive answer, it is preferable to conduct both Total and Viable airborne mold tests.

A Visible Mold Check

If you believe your mold problem is small, our team will perform a quick visible mold check. This type of check involved moisture meters and infrared cameras but does not include a lab report, written assessment or photos. A 1-2 summary will be provided and may yield a bigger mold problem.

Visible Mold Tests

Affordable Remediation provides lab analysis of visible mold. However, 1-2 tape tests in a building are not total evidence of a possible mold concern—site visits and airborne mold testing are needed for an adequate assessment.

Moisture Damage and Dampness Tests

A moisture damage assessment includes a walk through, checking the overall humidity in a structure and checking for obvious signs of wetness or dampness with our sensitive moisture meters. Our team also comes equipped with thermal imaging cameras which can determine if there are elevated levels of moisture behind the walls which the naked eye cannot see.

A Health Symptom Test

During a health assessment, an Affordable Remediation staff member will look for visible signs of mold and discuss the person’s health issues. We’ll ask a series of questions about structure’s history, collect an airborne sample, and “spot check” various areas with moisture meters,

Post Clean-Up Verification

When performed improperly, mold clean up can cause more problems by sending spores airborne into other areas that were previously unaffected. To make sure the job was done correctly, a team member will, once again, walk around the structure looking for visible signs of mold and poor drainage. We’ll collect airborne tests from non-problem areas and do a visual of formerly mold infested areas documenting and collecting airborne samples. We’ll spot check with moisture meters and, in some cases, we may collect tape tests to verify that visible mold is no longer detectable.


Upon completion, and request we can provide comprehensive lab reports pre and post cleanup. These reports can be completed next day depending on the severity of the mold infestation. This report is a hard copy legal document provided by a certified lab and trained / licensed NYS mold remediation experts.

Pre-Purchase Assessment

Are you selling or buying a home / property? An Affordable Remediation team member will perform a walk through of the structure and “spot check” for visible signs of mold. We may pull back baseboards, check exteriors with a moisture meter, or collect a tape sample. To complete the picture, we may also perform an airborne test of the structure at your request.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee By Trusted Remediation Experts

We stand by our work and recommendations with our honesty and integrity in everything we do from start to finish. Since day one, we have a spotless review record from each and every job that we have done, and even those we have not done due to pre-assessment checks that did not require remediation services. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, along with keeping you completely mold free