Mold can proliferate in virtually any place, indoors or out—just ask New Jersey school officials who have been having a tough time tackling mold it in its schools this year.

Willow Grove In Hackettstown NJ Closed Due To Mold Concerns

Willow Grove Elementary School was closed in September due to a mold build up in the building. The entire 250 member student body got the day off while workers tested for mold by taking samples. They cleaned and dehumidified the building, and replaced or cleaned ceiling panels, whiteboards, and other fungus-laden items in classrooms.

While officials didn’t think the mold was harmful, they didn’t want to take any chances, said building Superintendent Dave Mango. “It’s unfortunate, but we want to be safe rather than sorry,” he said.

The mold was first spotted behind a blackboard by a janitor who unsuccessfully tried to remove it. He told school authorities, who in turn, called a mold remediation team. A test revealed that the fungus wasn’t dangerous, but district officials decided to thoroughly clean the building, which was built in 1971 and has had previous issues with poor ventilation and high humidity.

At least 13 classrooms needed remediation, and five were monitored. It took approximately four weeks to clean up the fungus and students were moved to other schools in the interim.

All Schools In Monroe Township Are Closed As Mold Testing Continues

Mold has since been found in several other schools around New Jersey. At first, officials closed only Holly Glen Elementary in Monroe Township after the fungus was found, but that closure has now spread to all six of the district’s schools.

Inspections have found only “minimal” concerns so far, but potential problems recently uncovered have prompted officials to isolate rooms in at least two schools until test results are ready.

In early October, all of Monroe’s public schools—which house nearly 6,000 students—were closed. Whiles some have reopened, others will remain closed for a number of months as mold clean up takes place. Students in the those schools have since resumed classes in other schools while their home schools are being cleaned.  

Source – NBC