If you’re dealing with foul odors from your mold infestation, the pros at Affordable Remediation are here to help. Our operators are on call all day, every day, to answer your mold infestation questions and send a team member to your home or business to tackle every aspect of your mold problem. By identifying the source of the odor in your home or business, we can eliminate it for good.

What Does A Mold Problem Smells Like?

Odd smells in the air in your home or business will signal that something is not right, and there’s a likely a hidden mold infestation. Mold and mildew are fungi that grow with the presence of moisture and improper ventilation. Mold scents are significantly stronger than mildew (musty) odors, but both suggest mold growth, and it’s important to take action if you notice the smell in your home or business to prevent extensive damage. Moldy scents can also penetrate non-moldy materials in your home and prolong the odor.

Where Do Mold Smells Linger?

Mold smells linger where there is a mold infestation. Hidden spots behind shower tiles, poorly performing ventilation systems, underneath floorboards, and behind drywall are just a few of the places where mold, and its accompanying scent, proliferate. The pros at Affordable Remediation are experienced in reaching these hard-to-get spots and will not only fix the source of your mold problem but will clean the materials affected and destroy the those that cannot be salvaged. We are equipped and ready to work in any of the following structures to make your home or business mold-free and clear of any noxious fumes:

  • Your Home
  • Your Rental Property
  • Your Place Of Business (i.e., office, storefront, or other commercial building)
  • Hotels
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Medical and Health Facilities

Air Treatments Using An Ozone Generator

One of the ways Affordable Remediation will eliminate odors from your home is by using an ozone generator (O3) which is very useful in attacking mold, mildew, and mold spores. The O3 deteriorates the cell structure of mold and mildew microorganisms and breaks down their ability to reproduce, as it fills the contaminated space with ozone. Ozone goes where normal air can go, including down into cracks and crevices, sanitizing every area surface along the way.

To rid the area of odor, put the O3 unit in the closed off space, set the timer and vacate the contaminated spot. Treatment time depends on how big your mold problem is and how long you’ve had your it. If the source of moisture is not found or fully corrected, additional treatment may be required.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding mold odors in your home, Affordable Remediation is just a phone call away.