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Nothing is more important. Our family truly cares about you. You’ll quickly see what makes us different.


Keeping Your Family Healthy & Safe At Home


Keeping Your Family Healthy & Safe At Home


Nothing is more important. Our family truly cares about you. You’ll quickly see what makes us different.



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    Dom is amazing. Honest and trustworthy. Would not use anyone else for mold testing and remediation.Deborah BonomoSeptember 21, 2022
    Very professional and honest experience with Dominick and his team. Dominick was responsive and answered all of our questions. His team worked very quickly and effectively to remove the mold found in our attic.Katie GerritySeptember 8, 2022
    Dominick was great! They worked fast, precise and neat! He made me feel at ease! Would highly recommendDana KlocSeptember 2, 2022
    I honestly don’t know where to begin. Let’s just say Domenic is what I hope for when hiring anyone of any profession. He is very knowledgeable, straightforward, clear, patient, not pushy, and goes above and beyond what is expected of him. At no point did I get the feeling that he was just out to get paid (which I can’t say about everyone during my home buying process.) I did my own research being a professor at a research university and everything Domenic told me over the phone aligned with what I read. He was willing to tell me when I did not need something and helped me from spending money on unnecessary things. He worked with me in a difficult situation where I had to deal with a mold issue on a home I hadn’t closed on yet. Unlike almost everyone else, he never harassed me with phone calls or texts, even when I went weeks without talking to him (because closing was talking very long.) He was willing to explain everything to me regardless of whether I even ended up hiring him. Nonetheless, my decision was made from the start. I hired Domenic and I’m very glad I did. At this point, he has already earned a 5 star from me. Then I brought up the only concern I had after the job. I was nervous to bring it up because I didn’t want to ruin the great relationship we had built up to that point but he happily and immediately took care of it. If I was going to give 5 stars before then he really deserves 6 now.Israel CurbeloAugust 4, 2022
    I called a few mold remediation companies to remediate mold issues of my basement late April. One company gave me very high estimated expenses and some misleading information and another only told me the cost for the first phase treatment and didn't mention the cost of putting back the dry walls. When I called Affordable Remediation, they reacted very promptly and gave me a reasonable estimate. They were very professional and addressed all my concerns. Once I agreed to use their service, they came to my house the next day and finished the remediation. Then they left some equipment at my basement and tested mold level again when the came back to take the equipment. The test results were very good and I am really happen about their service. Great Job!Qian LiuJune 10, 2022
    Through a recommendation and after speaking with Dominick, owner of Affordable Remediation & Emergency Services I decided to contract them in order to have mold removed from my attic. I have had a very bad experience with a prior contractor and was naturally concerned about this endeavor. My present experience hiring Affordable Remediation was excellent and went forward without any difficulties. Dominick explained exactly what needed to be done and how he was going accomplish it. He & his crew followed through and did an amazing job at a very decent price. I would not hesitate using this company again. Steve R.Steve RettigApril 19, 2022
    Called on a Saturday and had a visit on a Sunday. After being given a slippery run around from an area mold inspector, I wasn't sure what I should do. I was being pushed to spend $5,000 on a remediation without even having test results from the swab tests. Not knowing where to turn, I called Dominick who visited my house the next day on a Sunday afternoon to inform me that I had nothing to worry about. It was a harmless builders mold that would require no clean up. Incredible service, honest feedback, and quick response time, I would recommend his services to anyone needing inspections or remediation.Eric KoonsMarch 21, 2022
    Jonathan VelazquezFebruary 13, 2022
    John MiloneAugust 18, 2021
    Amy PerelAugust 12, 2021
    Hired Dom and his crew to do a biohazardous deep clean in an apartment. From the first call to the estimate to the actual clean, Dom was super friendly, yet professional. His estimate was for the crew to be done in 3-4 hours, and they were done in 2. The place is immaculate, and it so appreciated.Karen VerbenkoSeptember 29, 2022
    Marie GdulaSeptember 12, 2022
    Nice to find a business that isn't out to take your money for nothing. They're up front with you about costs and what should be done. Definitely a respectable and honest company.Dominic AzzarelloSeptember 9, 2022
    Dominick was very professional and responded to my needs the first time I called to obtain a ballpark estimate for the basement mold issue for the house that I was in the process of buying unlike other local companies that I had reached out to initially. Upon buying the house, I connected with Dominick to schedule a date to check out the issue. Afterward, we set up a date to resolve the mold issue. Dominick and his team at affordable remediation did an excellent job in cleaning up the mold issue in my basement and crawl space. It looks and smells like new basement. I would highly recommend Dominick and his team at affordable remediation to anyone in need of the services that they provide. Thanks again. Rich PollakRichard PollakJuly 28, 2022
    Dominick and his team were amazing in helping us fix our mold problem! Dominick responded right away and thoroughly explained everything to me. You could tell that he truly cared and helped to ease my mind after I was so worried about my new home having mold. Dominick went above and beyond to fix the problem and came back to check that all was well after he finished the job. I can’t recommend this company enough! Thank you for making sure our home was safe for our family!Deena OrtizJuly 27, 2022
    Dominick the owner was very kind and professional!! The whole job in our attic took about 3.5 hours, very efficient and friendly. We just had a newborn baby so perfect timing to get the house all clean and mold free for our new family. We would highly recommend to others. Fair price and wonderful!! Thank you again!!Teresa ButtoJuly 25, 2022
    Our Church was in need of an inspection of mold in the basement . We were given Dominick's company Affordable Remediation as a reference.We called, met with him and discussed what had to be done . It was thoroughly explained and completed. We are now able to hold our services in the sanctuary of our Church .He and his company were wonderful to work with . We would highly recommend them to anyone and should we ever have another issue again we wouldn't hesitate to contact them again . Thank you so much for your service Bethesda United Methodist ChurchDarlene RizzoJuly 20, 2022
    I had a gutter putting water into the side of my house and so I called Dominic because I was concerned I might have a mold problem. Even though he was fully booked and going on vacation in three days Dominic knew my situation and came right away. He explained the process in detain, and that there would be a control taken outside to compare the inside. The lab results were delayed and even on his vacation Dominic called the lab and went over the results with me in detail. The results were excellent with no problems inside what so ever. The results even specified organisms found on the outside control. It was so nice dealing with a profession who genuinely cared and went out of his way to help me. He is ethical and professional and a great gentleman to work with.jonathan minJune 30, 2022
    Dominic is so professional and knowledgeable. He made himself available to come to my home because we needed him quickly. He did the job quickly and efficiently and he is so fair in the pricing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Highly recommend this companyBrooke LevineJune 2, 2022
    Dominick is a pleasure to work with. He is personable, knowledgeable and professional. He assured us that everything would be taken care of and he followed through. We would highly recommend his services.Bernadette HubbsMay 25, 2022

    Professional Documentation & Certification Upon Completion

    Upon completion, you will receive a 40 page binder that will have all documentation that your premises has been certified free of contaminants. This will have everything you need to provide to insurance companies, home buyers / sellers that the biohazard or mold was properly remediated to certified standards. This will help streamline claims and alleviate any concerns.

    One Year Warranty

    All work performed by Affordable Remediation comes with a one-year warranty directly related to the work that we performed.

    Got Mold or Biohazard Cleanup?

    Call 24/7 (732)-769-8101

    Also Serving NYC & Staten Island

    With a larger workforce, we’re proud to help give the same service you’ve seen in NJ to areas across NYC and Staten Island. All technicians are trained and certified by New York State with strict adherence to policy for maximum quality in our service. Our NYS license number is 00951. Speak to our friendly staff on how we can help you today. Don’t trust just anyone for your mold remediation and removal job. Only work with a qualified expert who guarantees a job done right the first time with no hidden fees.


    Completed Jobs. Big Or Small.

    If you have a small basement or a multi-story commercial building,  we’ll be prepared to tackle the job the first time, guaranteed. Serving NJ & NYC residential and commercial customers for all their mold services or biohazard removal needs.


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our complete remediation services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will not rest until you are completely satisfied with all the services we provide for you; from inspection to job completion. We care, and here for you every step of the way.


    Mold & Pathogen-Free Locations

    We’ve cleaned and restored countless homes and businesses from multiple mold related & biohazard disasters, done right the first time, every time.  From residential to commercial, when disaster strikes, we treat your property like our own to help you have the cleanest, healthiest environment possible, fast.

    Best Black Mold Removal, Remediation & Inspection Company

    Honesty and integrity from our team is our top priority when it comes to helping you discover and remediate any mold problems that could be occurring in your home or business right now. Our trained and certified mold remediation experts will show up 24/7 with the right equipment for the job to ensure your home is certified safe and 100% clean of any potential health hazards that relate to a mold infestation through your home or business.

    First, we identify the cause of the problem, to prevent any future occurrence. Then our licensed experts will completely remove and remediate all affected areas to ensure the moisture problem , and future black mold outbreaks will not return with special treatments. The decontaminated areas and air are tested by independent laboratories to sure your home & business are 100% mold free.

    Biohazard Cleaning Specialists

    Every situation is different, but one thing we understand is this is an emotional and sensitive time for you and everyone involved. We take great care in respecting discretion along with discreet and compassionate service from our team. We’ll explain the process to you every step of the way, providing the highest standards in cleaning; leaving the entire space completely remediated, as if nothing ever happened.

    Advanced, Cutting-Edge Commercial Equipment

    From initial inspection and mold damage assessment, our professional mold experts will leave no space unturned to identify and eradicate any form of mold not matter how minute. Spores can be virtually invisible to the naked eye, so rest assured our ultra sensitive mold testing equipment will locate what can’t be seen.

    Once located, we’ll establish proper mold containment procedures to stop the spread of mold and spores during the clean up processes, using HEPA vacuums will further ensure the cleanest possible remediation. Combined with both extreme sanitizing antifungal and antimicrobial cleaning treatments, we’ll make sure any mold-infestations are permanently stopped and prevented in the future, along with the spread any odors.

    Safe Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

    Keeping people safe is of the utmost importance.  Everything used in the cleaning process is EPA certified, natural and environmentally safe for people & pets. It’s the same solutions we would use in our own homes with our families.

    Micro Certified Mold Inspector
    ISSA CMI Certified

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