Realtors, Trying To Sell A Home With Mold or Biohazards?

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Realtors, Trying To Sell A Home With Mold or Biohazards?

Stay On Schedule & Get Big Problems Fixed So You Can Close
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

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The real estate process can be a complicated one. Especially for first time home buyers or sellers who are hoping to sell a property that has experienced biohazard contamination or mold infestation. In recent years, a growing number of government agencies, loan underwriters, and insurance companies have enacted regulations or other reporting requirements. Failure to disclose a biohazard contamination incident or mold infestation problem can lead to liability issues and other delays in the process of buying or selling a home.

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The Dangers Of Indoor Mold

Mold spores live nearly everywhere in nature, floating in the air. This also means it’s easy for the airborne spores to find their way into a home or outbuilding. If these spores find a wet, warm place they can potentially germinate into an active mold colony. This is especially likely on porous surfaces like wood and drywall, which accommodate the microscopic roots of the mold colony.

There is an uncountable number of mold spores living in nature, that can colonize a home. One of the worst is Stachybotrys chartarum, which is also known as “Toxic Black Mold.” Though in truth other types of mold can appear in shades of orange, tan, brown, white, or gray.

Even the most seemingly benign strain of mold can fill the air with a dangerous volume of mold spores and mycotoxins. In a situation like this, the spores themselves can cause significant respiratory irritation. This can cause a more severe reaction in individuals with respiratory allergies, and existing respiratory health conditions. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to chronic inflammation conditions when exposed to mold.

Decreased Offer On A Home With A Mold Problem

Even potential buyers who remain in the market for the home will likely reduce their offer based on the mold disclosure. Depending on their reaction during the showing this could result in a 25 to 40-percent reduction from the original asking price.

How Does Mold Affect Selling A Home?

A significant mold problem can complicate the process of selling or buying a home. Many states and some municipalities have disclosure regulations in place regarding past and present mold problems. Failure to inform a party making an offer on a property with a mold issue can violate these regulations, which can slow the sales process significantly.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that a growing number of insurance companies and lending institutions that scrutinize a property with a past or present mold problem. In some of these cases, the necessary insurance coverage might be denied, or the mortgage underwriters might deny approval.

Unfortunately, a lot of potential buyers will balk-at, or simply bail out of making an offer on a home with a past or current mold problem. Especially if there was water damage or a potential insurance provider requires flood insurance on the property.

Failure To Disclose A Mold Problem When Selling A Home

Depending on the state and local codes, there could be stiff consequences for failing to disclose a past or current mold problem when selling a home.

In the state of New Jersey, home sellers are not specifically required to disclose past or present mold issues. Though they are required to promise that the house is fit to live in and be fully habitable. In some cases where there was a significant undisclosed mold problem, lawsuits followed with strict penalties for the non-disclosing party.

What Should I Do If I Want To Sell A Home With A Past Or Present Mold Problem?

Rather than risk legal gray areas, delays in the real estate process, and possible long-term legal problems, you should strongly consider professional mold remediation. This can be an effective way to ease the concerns of potential buyers, underwriters, and insurance companies. It also demonstrates responsible intentions should a future legal case be filed against you.

A certified and experienced company like Affordable Remediation will use industry best practices to eliminate all traces of mold from the property, as well as deodorize all affected spaces. If there are any other biohazard concerns we can also address those.

Full Documentation Provided Upon Completion

Afterward, our technicians will provide you and any other interested parties with the necessary documents to verify:

  • Our certifications & licenses

  • The extent of the mold problem

  • The materials that were removed

  • Certified safe disposal according to all pertinent codes

  • The remediation methods used

  • Recommendations for preventing future mold problems

  • 3rd Party testing before & after work has been performed

This level of professional documentation from an industry leader in mold remediation will go a long way toward making sure you get the highest possible bid for your home, as well as certifying that it is now safely habitable.

Buying A Home With A Past Or Present Mold Problem

Mold exposure comes with certain health risks. If a seller discloses a past or current mold problem in the home, you might want to request a professional mold inspection as part of the buying process. Your realtor might then advise you to make a contingent offer if a professional mold testing company like Affordable Remediation finds evidence of a mold problem.

Some sellers may simply list the home for sale “As Is” without any disclosure of a mold problem of other biohazard contamination. Here again, if you are suspicious of a mold problem, you might want to request a mold assessment as part of the real estate inspection process.

What If I Buy A Home And Discover A Mold Problem?

The unfortunate reality is that most new home buyers simply don’t have the money to seek a lengthy lawsuit against a seller who failed to disclose a mold problem, or simply sold the property “As is.” If you do find evidence of a mold issue, and you are concerned, you might simply want to seek out a professional mold remediation company like Affordable Remediation.

While it is certainly unfair to have to shoulder the cost of professional remediation yourself, chances are very good that the cost to have the mold problem professionally handled will be far less than a lengthy and expensive lawsuit. Even if you are still considering legal recourse, it’s ultimately best to have the mold problem professionally remediated to minimize potential damage to the building, as well as potential health risks.

Signs Of A Home With A Mold Problem

Mold can sometimes go dormant in the winter months when drier air and lower temperatures make it harder to grow. Though this doesn’t mean it is dead. Many mold colonies will slow their growth or go dormant in winter, only to thrive once again in summer when heat and humidity abound. This is especially true for mold colonies in basements and crawl spaces.

When viewing a home you are thinking about buying, the following signs might indicate a past or present mold problem.

  • A room or rooms with musty or earthy odors

  • Discoloration on woodwork and drywall

  • Failed or compromised bathroom and kitchen vents

  • Crumbling paint with discolored edges

  • Peeling wallpaper or wallpaper with loose patches and bubbles

  • Water stains on ceilings

  • Wood rot around windows or doors

If you see any of these signs, you should strongly consider requesting a professional mold assessment as part of the real estate inspection process.

Buying Or Selling A Home With A Biohazard

Unattended deaths, violent crimes, water damage, and sewer system problems, are a reality for just about any property. In the case of a home, or another residential property biohazard contamination is a real threat, especially when it comes to liability and disclosure concerns in the real estate process.

Different states have different regulations requiring what must be disclosed. In certain situations, these disclosures also need to be overseen by the pertaining homeowner’s association.

Any one of these problems can cause a delay in the process of selling the property. Insurance providers and lenders want to see that these biohazard issues have been properly remediated before moving forward on the real estate process.

The Affordable Remediation Sanitization Process

If you are selling a home with a biohazard problem, or a home you have recently purchased “As Is” had a past biohazard contamination event, you should strongly consider professional remediation. Without proper training and commercial-grade cleaning equipment, you are at risk of exposing yourself and others too dangerous pathogens.

At Affordable Remediation, our technicians have access to the professional-grade equipment and cleaning products necessary to safely remove all affected materials. We use a time-tested process to do this.

After we have completely eliminated all biohazardous materials, sanitized and deodorized the contaminated area, we can provide you with detailed documentation. This will include a description of the severity of the biohazard contamination, what was removed, how it was properly disposed of, and how the site was professionally remediated.

Professional Documentation & Certification Upon Completion

Many state and local laws require some type of documentation after a biohazard contamination event. This might also be a requirement of your home or business insurance provider. Landlords and rental property managers often face intense scrutiny after something like an unattended death, sewage backup, or a ruptured pipe.

At Affordable Remediation, we can provide you with the proper documentation to verify that whatever the biohazard was, that it was professionally remediated to all pertinent standards. This will help streamline any possible insurance claims or clear any concerns about the safety of a rental property.