Storm Damage Cleanup, Removal & Remediation Services

Fast Drying, Cleanup, Removal & Sanitization
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Storm Damage Cleanup, Removal & Remediation Services

Fast Drying, Cleanup, Removal & Sanitization
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

Like It Never Happened

While there might be some debate about the cause, there seems to be a higher frequency of strong storms throughout the United States. Especially in the northeast where powerful tropical storms and massive rain events can cause severe flooding, damage to homes & business as well as sewage system failures.

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Possible Causes Of Water Damage Or Water In The Basement

Short & Long-Term Threat Of Water Damage

Water tends to be one of the most damaging factors in a storm-damaged home. Shingles and siding can be replaced, broken windows can be fixed and a fresh coat of paint can help things look new. Yet when you add water to the equation, even most the most seemingly minor physical repairs can become complicated.

Water is the universal solvent. This means it can infiltrate nearly any porous material causing degradation to things like drywall, woodwork, and furniture. Worse still, wet materials that aren’t dried out immediately can also become an all too inviting breeding ground for potentially dangerous mold spores.

While flooding is one of the most obvious causes of water damage, many less-noticeable things can cause water damage in your home or water to buildup in your basement.

The Threat Of Mold

Mold spores live naturally in the environment and air around us. Most of the time these tiny fungi are not a problem. Once a spore finds a wet and warm porous surface in your home, it has the potential to germinate. When enough of them start to bloom in one area, they can rapidly develop into an active colony.

Sometimes the mold can develop in unseen places after a water intrusion even in your home. This includes places like behind drywall, underneath wallpaper, inside the home’s wet wall, in crawlspaces, or basement storage areas.

Signs Of Mold Caused By Water Damage

  • Musty or earthy odors localized in one or two rooms

  • Discoloration on walls and porous surfaces

  • Loose wallpaper

  • Residue near plumbing fixtures

Symptoms Of A Mold Problem

Mold spores in the home can cause respiratory irritation, coughing, and sneezing as well as chronic headaches. These symptoms are even more likely to occur in individuals with respiratory allergies and asthma. Some people are genetically predisposed to chronic inflammation conditions when in the presence of mold spores.

Some people experiencing mold symptoms might notice that their headache or respiratory distress goes away when they leave home for a vacation or a long weekend. Only to have it return in a day or two after coming back home.

At Affordable Remediation, we have years of experience dealing with storm damage, water damage, and the potential complications it can cause. This includes commercial-grade equipment for removing water from your home, basement, or business.

Our experienced eye and professional training help us identify what things can be salvaged, cleaned, and restored as well as what things need to be disposed of. We also have access to safe disposal sites for contaminated, biohazardous materials, and chemicals.

If your home or business has suffered a mold infestation resulting from water damage, we have the specialists on staff to handle all your mold remediation needs. This includes:

Sanitation And Deodorizing

Once the water and any contaminated materials have been removed our certified technicians will get to work cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing all compromised areas. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment and the kind of commercial-grade cleaning products needed to eliminate any microbial presence.

Basic Repair & Restoration Services

At Affordable Remediation, we have experienced repair technicians that can help with some basic storm damage repairs. This includes things like:

  • Sheetrock repair

  • Interior & exterior painting

  • Replacing water damaged flooring & carpets

  • Kitchen repair

  • Bathroom repair

Professional Documentation & Certification Upon Completion

Many state and local laws require some type of documentation after a biohazard contamination event. This might also be a requirement of your home or business insurance provider. Landlords and rental property managers often face intense scrutiny after something like an unattended death, sewage backup, or a ruptured pipe.

At Affordable Remediation, we can provide you with the proper documentation to verify that whatever the biohazard was, that it was professionally remediated to all pertinent standards. This will help streamline any possible insurance claims or clear any concerns about the safety of a rental property.