What Is Biotoxin Illness, Symptoms And Diagnosis

Water that infiltrates your home from a ruptured pipe, rainwater runoff, or localized flooding can do more than damage your property, it can also become the key catalyst for the development of potentially dangerous mold. Even if it isn’t a major incident that temporarily inundates your property with water, something as simple as poor ventilation [...]

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Can Mold Cause Hair Loss?

Most people think hair loss is exclusively caused by heredity, an unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle, or a combination of those factors. Not many people realize, however, that mold can also cause hair loss. Yes, it is surprising, but true. People typically associate mold with spoiled food, but mold can also inhabit damp, musty places and [...]

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What Is Black Mold?

Distressed homeowners and even mold remediation professionals often throw around the term “black mold” with a tone of ever-present concern when discussing toxic risks associated with degrees of ongoing water damage. Truth be told, the nomenclature itself is technically an immensely broad generalization worthy of a certain valid, crucial caution that accompanies a surprising degree [...]

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