Vehicle Decontamination & Remediation Services

Car Accident Trauma & Blood Sanitation, Usually Covered By Insurance
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Vehicle Decontamination & Remediation Services

Car Accident Trauma & Blood Sanitation, Usually Covered By Insurance
We Help Fast 24/7! Call (732) 769-8101

Like It Never Happened

Vehicles can be surprisingly susceptible to a wide range of biohazards and chemical contamination. This goes beyond just your personal vehicle. Company cars, busses, trains, taxis, and other types of public transportation often need professional decontamination and remediation services to maintain a safe interior environment.

Left unchecked contaminated vehicles can do more than just cause off-putting odors. Biohazards and chemical contaminants can cause respiratory irritation, transmit illness, and even lead to more serious medical complications.

Sometimes even a minor microbial outbreak in a vehicle can be exacerbated by the often hot and humid interior. This is a particularly inviting scenario in the summer for mold spores to bloom and colonize a vehicle’s interior in the matter of just a few short days.

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Vehicle Blood Cleanup & Sanitation Post Accidents

Vehicles That Need Periodic Decontamination & Remediation

You might be tempted to try to clean blood and other bodily fluids in your vehicle yourself. Though without proper training, professional-grade equipment, high-quality cleaning products, and proper personal protection equipment you could be placing yourself at increased risk for contracting a potentially serious illness.

Worse still, if the vehicle in question is used for public transport, or transporting medically at-risk individuals, you could be liable for any contamination they are exposed to later.

Vehicle Mold Contamination

Mold spores naturally live in the air. When they find a warm, damp, porous surface they can bloom into an active mold colony with microscopic roots that run so deep that not even consumer-grade bleach can completely kill them.

Vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs are particularly susceptible to mold colonization during the summer months. Mold spores can easily find their way into your vehicle. With the doors closed and the windows rolled up on a warm day, they can germinate onto just about any porous surface. Especially less noticeable areas like under seats or in-cabin air filters.

When an active colony grows large enough, it starts to release new spores into the vehicle’s air. Breathing them in can cause a wide range of symptoms from skin irritation, respiratory irritation, coughing, and sneezing, to chronic headaches. There are even some people who are genetically predisposed to chronic inflammatory conditions when exposed to airborne mold spores.

Some strains of mold are known to be toxic to the human body. This includes Stachybotrys chartarum or so-called “Toxic Black Mold.” Which is the long-term can cause severe medical complications in certain individuals.

Professional Vehicle Decontamination & Remediation

At Affordable Remediation, we have years of experience decontaminating and remediating all manner of vehicle biohazards and chemical contamination issues. This includes things like blood cleanup, bodily fluids, biohazardous materials, chemical spills, and mold problems. We have the training, experience, equipment, and professional-grade cleaning products to handle just about anything.

Vehicle Sanitization & Disinfection Process

Our technicians use a meticulous approach to decontaminating and cleaning a vehicle. Our process starts with a complete assessment of your vehicle’s interior. Oftentimes an obvious incident like a medical emergency or blood spill might also reveal an unknown problem, such as mold colonization in the vehicle’s ventilation system!

Once we have fully assessed the severity of the problem, our technicians will get to work cleaning and decontaminating the vehicle. This starts with wearing professional personal protection equipment.

  • Standard PPEs

  • Clinical-grade gloves

  • Protective outerwear such as a smock, apron, or other protective clothing

  • Eye protection such as goggles or a face shield

  • Surgical grade masks

In some situations, such as a chemical spill, or a toxic black mold problem, our technicians might also use a professional-grade respirator.

If we identify any severely contaminated materials that need to be removed, they will be disposed of according to standards set forth by the EPA, OSHA, the Centers for Disease Control, and any other applicable state regulations.

Once any hazardous materials have been removed and the interior has been cleaned, our technicians will sanitize and deodorize the vehicle.

Insurance Compliance, Documentation & Certification

Some vehicle contamination issues are partially covered by automobile insurance. Though this can certainly vary from policy to policy. It’s also worth noting that in certain instances, where the vehicle itself may have been damaged, or someone was injured inside the vehicle, the insurance company may require documentation to verify that it was cleaned properly.

In a scenario like this, Affordable Remediation’s technicians can provide you with professional documentation noting what was done and what measures were taken to effectively decontaminate or remediate the problem. If anything, this information can be handy if you want to sell the vehicle in the future for the highest possible value.