John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, is embroiled in a lawsuit with developer David Blumenfeld over her former West Village penthouse.

The New Owner Alleges Evidence Of Mold Proliferation Due To Shoddy Workmanship

She sold the fourth-floor unit at 49-51 Downing St. to Blumenfeld in 2014 for $8.3 million, who now alleges it’s a wreck, with warped beams, toxic mold, and a rotted roof deck.

Blumenfeld is currently suing the co-op board for refusing to make “structural repairs” that he deems have made the unit “dangerous.” (Despite this, his adult son still lives there.) According to court papers, he alleges that the board doesn’t want to do the renovations—which will total in the millions—because the repairs would be “a major disturbance to other tenants.”

The developer believes the mold and structural problems stem from a sloppy conversion job and says the use of undersized beams in the apartment have caused “chronic and significant leaks and mold” making the unit “dangerous, hazardous or detrimental to the life” of the occupants.

Blumenfeld Is Suing The Building’s Co-Op For Clean-Up

He’s suing the board to fix the problems or give him the money to do the repairs himself. He told the court he has already spent $15,000 of his own funds to fix the elevator after his son was trapped in it last year.

Before Yoko purchased the apartment in 1995, it was converted from a 19th-century horse stable into living spaces. Her son Sean lived there for a few years. Th property was built in 1896 and was constructed as a stable and one-family home for the truckman John F. Caragher. After going through several commercial uses in the 20th century, the building was converted to a multiple-family residence in 1987.